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  • Bart Gouda

    Bart Gouda

  • Cédric Tumminello

    Cédric Tumminello

    Cofounder at Yper since 2016. Interests : Startups / Management / Motivation / Product Management / Developement / Design / Marketing / Tech

  • Medium Formatting

    Medium Formatting

    Medium Course ➝ https://gumroad.com/l/medium-course

  • Geoff Nesnow

    Geoff Nesnow

    Faculty @hultboston | Concerned about the future of work | Naturally curious dot-connector | Recovering intrapreneur | More at www.geoffnesnow.com

  • Jordan Williams

    Jordan Williams

    Enjoys creating software that make tasks simpler. Always trying to gain new knowledge and expertise.

  • Ken Reid

    Ken Reid

  • Hennse


    Berlin based Journalist. Main focus labourmarket, tech, digital life and the city of Berlin.

  • Damian Grasso

    Damian Grasso

    Writing insightful content about the theories and realities of business, design and technology. Follow me to receive my latest content!

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