Philips Hue with python

Python philips hue
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pip install huesdk


Bridge IP


App username

from huesdk import Hue
username = Hue.connect(bridge_ip=YOUR_BRIDGE_IP)


hue = Hue(bridge_ip=YOUR_BRIDGE_IP, username=YOUR_USERNAME)


# Get all the lights connected to the bridge
lights = hue.get_lights()
# get a single light with id
light = hue.get_light(id_=1)

# get light with name
light = hue.get_light(name="Room 1")
light.bri # Brightness from 1 to 254
light.hue # the color with a value between 0 and 65535
light.sat # Saturation from 1 to 254
# turn on

# turn off

# Change color
# with hue, red=65535, green=21845 and blue=43690

# with hexadecimal

# Change brightness

# Change light's name
light.set_name("Hue color lamp 2")

# Change saturation
# the light will slowly turn off in 5secs
# the color's light will transition from the current color to red in 10seconds
light.set_color(hexa="#ff0000", transition=100)


# get all groups
groups = hue.get_groups()
# get group with id
group = hue.get_group(id_=1)

# get group with name
group = hue.get_group(name="kitchen")
group.set_name("Hue color lamp 2")
group.set_color(hexa="#065535", transition=100)




I work at yper. I’m a python developer, learning data science. I’ve made a app

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Alexis Gomes

Alexis Gomes

I work at yper. I’m a python developer, learning data science. I’ve made a app

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